About Us

"It is not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, and how hard it works for you"

Trust Mrs Singh was started in 1987, when Financial Services was an emerging profession. It was started to make quality financial advice available to everyone, irrespective of their socio economic status.

The work began with an unprecedented passion to reach across masses and help people understand, set and achieve their financial goals. With consultative and interactive approach, today, we have over 1600 customers across India and also Indians living abroad.

We manage our client’s money with an eagle eye on their immediate and long term Financial needs. We are a team of SEBI registered customer centric Financial Distributors, with invaluable expertise in Mutual Fund Investment.

As Financial Services is entering into a digital era , we are using financial technology to engage and service our clients. Our entire process is digitised, hence clients can access their investment information and portfolio returns online.

Our Sole Focus is to help our customers make Informed and personalised Financial Decisions . A huge testimony of our core values of treating our customer as a family member is that 96% of our customers are satisfied with our services & 80% of our customers have referred us to their friends and families.

We offer following services to our clients:

Below are the service offered by us to help you in investing for your various stages of your life so that you can live your life freely

Disclaimer :
www.trustmrssingh.com is an online website of Trust mrs. singh who is registered vide ARN-24437 as a AMFI Registered Mutual Fund Distributor. The said website is intends to provide educative and informative details related to investments and also provide online transaction facility in Mutual Funds. We do not charge any fees for these calculators and information, because we earn our commissions from the Mutual Fund companies. The website does not guarantee any returns or financial goal success by any means.